Constrained Hyper Tableaux

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Constrained Hyper Tableaux
Hyper tableau reasoning is a version of clausal form tableau reasoning where all negative literals in a clause are resolved away in a single inference step. Constrained hyper tableaux are a generalization of hyper tableaux, where branch closing substitutions, from the point of view of model generation, give rise to constraints on satisfying assignments for the branch. These variable constraints eliminate the need for the awkward ‘purifying substitutions’ of hyper tableaux. The paper presents a non-destructive and proof confluent calculus for constrained hyper tableaux, together with a soundness and completeness proof, with completeness based on a new way to generate models from open tableaux. It is pointed out that the variable constraint approach applies to free variable tableau reasoning in general.
Jan van Eijck
Added 28 Jul 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where CSL
Authors Jan van Eijck
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