Constraint Based Transformation Theory

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Constraint Based Transformation Theory
During the last 25 years the complexity and functionality of software systems has increased dramatically. Software systems have to be updated and restructured continuously [22]. In some cases it might be a solution to implement a completely new system from scratch but in the majority of cases the costs and the risks are too high and a solution for successful software evolution is needed [76]. Nowadays the need for successful software evolution is widely known and there are existing a lot of tools which help to maintain and re-engineer software systems. One of these tools is the "FermaT Transformation System". It helps to comprehend and migrate software applications [69]. This industrial-strength application based on research carried out over the last 20 years. Although the FermaT Transformation System has proven its abilities in many migration projects there are still a lot of issues and the migration needs a lot of human interaction. This literature review will give an over...
Stefan Natelberg
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