Constraint Logic Programming

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Constraint Logic Programming
Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) is one of the most successful branches of Logic Programming; it attracts the interest of theoreticians and practitioners, and it is currently used in many commercial applications. Since the original proposal, it has developed enormously: many languages and systems are now available either as open source programs or as commercial systems. Also, CLP has been one of the technologies able to recruit researchers from other communities to the declarative programming cause. Current CLP engines include technologies and results developed in other communities, which themselves discovered logic as an invaluable tool to model and solve real-life problems. 1 The CLP Paradigm Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) [7] represents a successful attempt to merge the best features of logic programming (LP) and constraint solving. Constraint solving [127, 6, 56, 31] includes a variety of expressive modelling frameworks and efficient solving tools for real-life problems that ...
Marco Gavanelli, Francesca Rossi
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Year 2010
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Authors Marco Gavanelli, Francesca Rossi
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