Constructing Secure Web Service Based on XML

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Constructing Secure Web Service Based on XML
The paper discusses XML security key technologies related with security of Web service. Based on these discussions, Web service is integrated with some mature security architectures such as PKI. A new Web service layer security model is proposed, and its characteristics are described. Finally, the paper focuses on the implementation of the security services sub-layer XKMS, and describes its design methodology, architecture and realization in detail. 1 Intrduction As defined by the World Wide Web Consortium, Web services are[1] : (1) identified by URIs’; (2) accessible via standard Web protocols; (3) Capable of sending, receiving, and acting on XML-based message; (4) Capable of interacting with applications and programs that are not directly human-driven user interface. So XML technology has become a basic architecture in Web applications. 2 Related XML Security Technology[ 2,3,4] Related XML security technology is as follows: (1) XML Signature. It provides a syntax for representing s...
Shaomin Zhang, Baoyi Wang, Lihua Zhou
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Updated 06 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where GCC
Authors Shaomin Zhang, Baoyi Wang, Lihua Zhou
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