Context-aware routing in wireless mesh networks

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Context-aware routing in wireless mesh networks
Wireless mesh networks promise to deliver resilient connectivity among network nodes, allowing data to be relayed seamlessly between mobile clients and infrastructure. Routing is the vital process in archiving self-configuration, selfhealing and, to some degree, self-optimization. However, the heterogeneity of network nodes and highly dynamic network topologies create new challenges for developing efficient and adaptive routing solutions. The increasing amount and complexity of information that routing solutions have to consider, in order to cope with the changing network situation and/or user requirements, is a key challenge. We propose adopting a reconfigurable context management system to simplify the task of accessing a variety of information required by adaptive routing protocols and to hide the low-level complexities of information sources management. In addition, we show how our middleware supports faulttolerance of various information failures, freeing protocol developers to c...
Peizhao Hu, Marius Portmann, Ricky Robinson, Jadwi
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Updated 14 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Peizhao Hu, Marius Portmann, Ricky Robinson, Jadwiga Indulska
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