Context Awareness: An Experiment with Hoarding

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Context Awareness: An Experiment with Hoarding
Abstract. Computer mobility allows people to use computers in varied and changing environments. This variability forces applications to adapt thus requiring awareness of the computational and physical environment (e.g. information about power management, network connections, synchronization opportunities, storage, computation, location-based services, etc.). An important application for mobility is hoarding, i.e. automatic file replication between devices. To be accurate and not obstructive to the user, the hoarding mechanism requires both context awareness (e.g. amount of usable storage) and estimation of future environment conditions (e.g. network connection, tasks to be performed by the user in the near future, etc.). However, making applications context-aware is hindered by the complexity of dealing with the large variety of different modules, sensors and service platforms, i.e. there is no middleware supporting such applications and their development in a uniform and integrated wa...
João Garcia, Luís Veiga, Paulo Ferre
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors João Garcia, Luís Veiga, Paulo Ferreira
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