Context-parametric polykinded types

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Context-parametric polykinded types
Generic Haskell is a language extension of Haskell for polytypic programming. Constrained types are parametric algebraic types with at least one argument constrained by type-class membership. We explain Generic Haskell, discuss the relevance of constrained types, and show that they are not supported by Generic Haskell. We propose context-parametric polykinded types as a solution, thereby making polytypic functions generic on a larger class of types. Our proposal entails an extension to the Generic Haskell compiler, not the language, and is therefore transparent to the generic programmer. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.3.2 [Programming Languages]: Language Classifications--Applicative (functional) languages, Generic Haskell; D.3.3 [Programming Languages]: Language Constructs and Features--Data types and structures, constraints General Terms Languages, Theory Keywords Generic haskell, polytypic programming, constrained types, polykinded types, kind-indexed types
Pablo Nogueira
Added 13 Dec 2009
Updated 13 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICFP
Authors Pablo Nogueira
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