Context for semantic metadata

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Context for semantic metadata
This article argues for the growing importance of quality metadata and the equation of that quality with precision and semantic grounding. Such semantic grounding requires metadata that derives from intentional human intervention as well as mechanistic measurement of content media. In both cases, one chief problem in the automatic generation of semantic metadata is ambiguity leading to the overgeneration of inaccurate annotations. We look at a particular richly annotated image collection to show how context dramatically reduces the problem of ambiguity over this particular corpus. In particular, der both the abstract measurement of “contextual ambiguity” over the collection and the application of a particular disambiguation algorithm to synthesized keyword searches across the selection. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.2.1 Logical Design, H.2.3 Data Description languages, H.2.4 Multimedia databases, H.2.7 Database Administration: Data dictionary/directory, H.3.3 Information Se...
Kenneth B. Haase
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Type Conference
Year 2004
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Authors Kenneth B. Haase
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