Context-sensitive design and human-centered interactive systems

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Context-sensitive design and human-centered interactive systems
Context is a critical element in forming the performance of interactive systems. As the functional diversity and range of use context of the system increase, context sensitivity becomes a critical mechanism to enhance system performance and interactive qualities. Particularly in the design and management of ubiquitous computing and mobile communication environments embodying the concept of ambient intelligence, understanding diverse and changing contexts of people's life and work and incorporation of an accommodating context-sensitivity into the system need to be pursued. This SIG attempts to introduce a representation framework for contextual information critical to develop a methodological foundation for user-centered design practice. First, the concept of context is discussed including questions such as what composes a context, how contexts are structured and assessed, and how they can be described in relation to interactive systems development. Then, strategies and methods to...
Keiichi Sato, Ken Douros
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors Keiichi Sato, Ken Douros
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