Context-sensitive query auto-completion

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Context-sensitive query auto-completion
Query auto completion is known to provide poor predictions of the user’s query when her input prefix is very short (e.g., one or two characters). In this paper we show that context, such as the user’s recent queries, can be used to improve the prediction quality considerably even for such short prefixes. We propose a context-sensitive query auto completion algorithm, NearestCompletion, which outputs the completions of the user’s input that are most similar to the context queries. To measure similarity, we represent queries and contexts as high-dimensional term-weighted vectors and resort to cosine similarity. The mapping from queries to vectors is done through a new query expansion technique that we introduce, which expands a query by traversing the query recommendation tree rooted at the query. In order to evaluate our approach, we performed extensive experimentation over the public AOL query log. We demonstrate that when the recent user’s queries are relevant to the curren...
Ziv Bar-Yossef, Naama Kraus
Added 15 May 2011
Updated 15 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
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Authors Ziv Bar-Yossef, Naama Kraus
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