Continual collaborative planning for mixed-initiative action and interaction

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Continual collaborative planning for mixed-initiative action and interaction
Multiagent environments are often highly dynamic and only partially observable which makes deliberative action planning computationally hard. In many such environments, however, agents can take a more proactive approach and suspend planning for partial plan execution, especially for active information gathering and interaction with others. This paper presents a new algorithm for Continual Collaborative Planning (CCP) that enables agents to deliberately interleave planning, acting, perception and communication. Our implementation of CCP has been evaluated with MAPSIM, a tool that automatically generates multiagent simulations from formal multiagent planning (MAP) domains. For different such simulations, we show how CCP leads to collaborative planning and acting and, despite minimal linguistic capabilities, to fairly natural dialogues between agents. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.2.11 [Computing Methodologies]: Artificial Intelligence-Distributed Artificial Intelligence General T...
Michael Brenner
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Year 2008
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