Continuous obstructed nearest neighbor queries in spatial databases

9 years 9 months ago
Continuous obstructed nearest neighbor queries in spatial databases
In this paper, we study a novel form of continuous nearest neighbor queries in the presence of obstacles, namely continuous obstructed nearest neighbor (CONN) search. It considers the impact of obstacles on the distance between objects, which is ignored by most of spatial queries. Given a data set P, an obstacle set O, and a query line segment q in a two-dimensional space, a CONN query retrieves the nearest neighbor of each point on q according to the obstructed distance, i.e., the shortest path between them without crossing any obstacle. We formulate CONN search, analyze its unique properties, and develop algorithms for exact CONN query processing, assuming that both P and O are indexed by conventional data-partitioning indices (e.g., R-trees). Our methods tackle the CONN retrieval by performing a single query for the entire query segment, and only process the data points and obstacles relevant to the final result, via a novel concept of control points and an efficient quadraticbased...
Yunjun Gao, Baihua Zheng
Added 05 Dec 2009
Updated 05 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Yunjun Gao, Baihua Zheng
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