Continuous Tone Alternatives To Halftone Through Historical Reflection

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Continuous Tone Alternatives To Halftone Through Historical Reflection
Halftone printing has been developing in a linear manner since the inception of photography. The process of refinement has taken it from one level to another producing increasingly fine results principally by using higher resolution screens. Yet in spite of this focus and success, or perhaps because of it, the concept that has produced all this technology is rarely traced back to its roots, which are, in fact, pre-photographic. With the acceptance of a digital imaging paradigm the question of whether or not halftone is the best or even the only way to think about image representation becomes pertinent. Through historical investigation it is possible to find other concepts in processes and means that were developed contemporaneously with the nascent halftone photomechanical processes. An alternative concept to the halftone is introduced, that of translucent photographic relief, and practical applications and means are suggested that are sympathetic to digital production. The context of...
Andrew Atkinson
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Type Conference
Year 2003
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Authors Andrew Atkinson
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