Contorsion: A Semantic XPath Processor

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Contorsion: A Semantic XPath Processor
This work describes the architecture of Contorsion, a semantic XPath processor that acts over an RDF mapping of XML. It contributes to a recent research trend that defines an XML-to-RDF mapping allowing XML documents interoperate at the semantic level. We use a model-mapping approach to represent instances of XML and XML Schema in RDF. This representation retains the node order, in contrast with the usual structure-mapping approach. The processor can be fed with an unlimited set of XML schemas and/or RDFS/OWL ontologies. The queries are resolved taking in consideration the structural and semantic connections descrived in the schemas and ontologies. Such behaviour, schema-awareness and semantic integration, can be useful for exploiting schema and ontology hierarchies in XPath queries. Key words: data interoperability, semantic integration, XML, XPath, RDF, ontologies, OWL
Rubén Tous, Jaime Delgado
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Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Rubén Tous, Jaime Delgado
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