Control Choices and Network Effects in Hypertext Systems

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Control Choices and Network Effects in Hypertext Systems
When the utility of a hypertext system depends on the number of users and amount of data in the system, the system exhibits network effects. This paper examines how the core differences in control assumptions between monolithic hypertext systems, open hypermedia systems, and the Web, lead to different incentive structures for readers and content providers and hence varying levels of network effects. Significant results of this analysis are as follows. First, lack of control over the data in a hypermedia system, combined with a large-scale distribution infrastructure is a key aspect of achieving network effects, since this control choice affords large numbers of readers. Second, examination of network effects from the Web and monolithic hypermedia systems suggests that control over the user interface is a key contributor to network effects, since it provides a more pleasant experience for readers, and allows for more control over the presentation by content providers. Finally, control ...
E. James Whitehead Jr.
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Authors E. James Whitehead Jr.
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