Controllability and Observability of Second Order Descriptor Systems

11 years 5 months ago
Controllability and Observability of Second Order Descriptor Systems
We analyze controllability and observability conditions for second order descriptor systems and show how the classical conditions for first order systems can be generalized to this case. We show that performing a classical transformation to first order form may destroy some controllability and observability properties. As an example, we demonstrate that the loss of impulse controllability in constrained multi-body systems is due to the representation as first order system. To avoid this problem, we will derive a canonical form and new first order formulations that do not destroy the controllability and observability properties. Keywords descriptor system, impulse controllability, impulse observability, second order system, order reduction, index reduction, complete controllability, strong controllability, complete observability, strong observability AMS subject classification. 93B05, 93B07, 93B10.
Philip Losse, Volker Mehrmann
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Philip Losse, Volker Mehrmann
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