Conversational intelligence analysis

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Conversational intelligence analysis
—The process of analysis aims to transform raw information to intelligence in order to inform decision-makers in a timely manner. The phases of analysis range from the gathering of field intelligence, hypothesising causes of events to post-event forensic reconstruction. At each phase, different teams and techniques are involved across a coalition to employ available expertise and resources. This process is not linear, however: to effectively deploy resources to robustly respond to events, for example, additional field intelligence may need to be rapidly acquired to disambiguate alternative causes. In this paper we explore how two complementary ITA technologies, Moira and CISpaces, operate in unison to support human-agent teams iteratively gather and analyse intelligence to develop situational awareness in a coalition context. Moira is a conversational interface for information gathering, querying and evidence aggregation that supports cooperative data-driven analytics via controlle...
Alice Toniolo, Alun D. Preece, Will Webberley, Tim
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Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Alice Toniolo, Alun D. Preece, Will Webberley, Timothy J. Norman, Paul Sullivan, Timothy Dropps
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