Conversational KM - Student Driven Learning

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Conversational KM - Student Driven Learning
A conversational method of teaching whereby the students engage each other as a key part of the learning experience achieves a higher percentage of high grades (and presumably better knowledge acquisition) than standard teaching practices. Standard teaching practices mean students often attend lectures to absorb and regurgitate the material presented during exams to test their understanding. This is what students (especially undergraduates) appear to understand as learning and the results are often disappointing. These students do not appear to be able to integrate received information with their own experience to date to create knowledge. In an attempt to improve this situation, we established a learning environment for a capstone Information Systems course where the students were driving their own learning (collaborative learning), within broad parameters established by the lecturer in charge. A key feature of this learning environment was a series of conversational workshops within...
Marilyn A. Wells, Phillip W. Brook
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ACE
Authors Marilyn A. Wells, Phillip W. Brook
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