Convex Factorization Machines

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Convex Factorization Machines
Abstract. Factorization machines are a generic framework which allows to mimic many factorization models simply by feature engineering. In this way, they combine the high predictive accuracy of factorization models with the flexibility of feature engineering. Unfortunately, factorization machines involve a non-convex optimization problem and are thus subject to bad local minima. In this paper, we propose a convex formulation of factorization machines based on the nuclear norm. Our formulation imposes fewer restrictions on the learned model and is thus more general than the original formulation. To solve the corresponding optimization problem, we present an efficient globally-convergent twoblock coordinate descent algorithm. Empirically, we demonstrate that our approach achieves comparable or better predictive accuracy than the original factorization machines on 4 recommendation tasks and scales to datasets with 10 million samples.
Mathieu Blondel, Akinori Fujino, Naonori Ueda
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Updated 16 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Where PKDD
Authors Mathieu Blondel, Akinori Fujino, Naonori Ueda
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