Convoy Driving through Ad-Hoc Coalition Formation

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Convoy Driving through Ad-Hoc Coalition Formation
— Convoy driving on public highways is a useful phenomena which increases the safety and the throughput of the highway. We present an approach through which a wireless Convoy Driving Device assists the driver in the task of deciding to join or leave a convoy, influencing the speed and formation of the convoy. Our approach handles complex situations like the merging and splitting of convoys, and it offers valuable lessons with applications for other cases of teamwork of mobile entities. I. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION Convoy driving on a public highway is a phenomena with multiple benefits. It makes driving safer, it increases the throughput of the highway and decreases travel time. As highway traffic is often modelled by analogies with fluid dynamics [1], in this language convoy driving corresponds to a flow without turbulences. While the formation of convoys is sometimes an explicitly planned operation, most often it is happening in an ad-hoc manner between vehicles whose drivers do not...
Majid Ali Khan, Ladislau Bölöni
Added 25 Jun 2010
Updated 25 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where RTAS
Authors Majid Ali Khan, Ladislau Bölöni
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