Cooperative Algorithms for MIMO Interference Channels

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Cooperative Algorithms for MIMO Interference Channels
Interference alignment is a transmission technique for exploiting all available degrees of freedom in the symmetric frequency- or time-selective interference channel with an arbitrary number of users. Most prior work on interference alignment, however, neglects interference from other nodes in the network not participating in the alignment operation. This paper proposes three generalizations of interference alignment for the multiple-antenna interference channel with multiple users that account for colored noise, which models uncoordinated interference. First, a minimum interference-plus-noise leakage algorithm is presented, and shown to be equivalent to previous subspace methods when noise is spatially white or negligible. This algorithm results in orthonormal precoders that are desirable for practical implementation with limited feedback. A joint minimum mean squared error design is then proposed that jointly optimizes the transmit precoders and receive spatial filters, whereas prev...
Steven W. Peters, Robert W. Heath Jr.
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Updated 01 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CORR
Authors Steven W. Peters, Robert W. Heath Jr.
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