Cooperative Query Answering for Semistructured Data

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Cooperative Query Answering for Semistructured Data
Semistructured data, in particular XML, has emerged as one of the primary means for information exchange and content management. The power of XML allows authors to structure a document in a way which precisely captures the semantics of the data. This, however, poses a substantial barrier to casual and non-expert users who wish to query such data, as it is the structure of the data which forms the basis of all XML query languages. Without an accurate understanding of how the data is structured, users are unable to issue meaningful queries. This problem is compounded when one realises that data adhering to different schema are likely to be contained within the same data warehouse or federated database. This paper proposes a method which enables users to meaningfully query semistructured data with no prior knowledge of its structure. We describe a mechanism for returning approximate answers to a database query when the structure of the underlying data is unknown. Our mechanism also retur...
Michael Barg, Raymond K. Wong
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where ADC
Authors Michael Barg, Raymond K. Wong
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