Coordinated resource optimization in behavioral synthesis

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Coordinated resource optimization in behavioral synthesis
Abstract—Reducing resource usage is one of the most important optimization objectives in behavioral synthesis due to its direct impact on power, performance and cost. The datapath in a typical design is composed of different kinds of components, including functional units, registers and multiplexers. To optimize the overall resource usage, a behavioral synthesis tool should consider all kinds of components at the same time. However, most previous work on behavioral synthesis has the limitations of (i) not being able to consider all kinds of resources globally, and/or (ii) separating the synthesis process into a sequence of optimization steps without a consistent optimization objective. In this paper we present a behavioral synthesis flow in which all types of components in the datapath are modeled and optimized consistently. The key idea is to feed to the scheduler the intentions for sharing functional units and registers in favor of the global optimization goal (such as total area)...
Jason Cong, Bin Liu, Junjuan Xu
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Year 2010
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Authors Jason Cong, Bin Liu, Junjuan Xu
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