Coordinating Agents in OO

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Coordinating Agents in OO
In this paper we introduce an object-oriented coordination language for multi-agents systems. The beliefs and reasoning capabilities ent are specified in terms of a corresponding abstract data type. Agents interact via an extension of the usual object-oriented message passing mechanism. This extension provides the autonomy that is required of agents but which objects in most object-oriented languages do not have. It consists of an explicit answer statement by means of which an agent can specify that it is willing to accept some specified messages. For our coordination language we also present a formal method for proving correctness. The method extends and generalizes existing assertional proof methods for object-oriented languages.
Frank S. de Boer, Cees Pierik, Rogier M. van Eijk,
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Frank S. de Boer, Cees Pierik, Rogier M. van Eijk, John-Jules Ch. Meyer
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