CORBA based Architecture for Large Scale Workflow

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CORBA based Architecture for Large Scale Workflow
Standard client-server workflow management systems have an intrinsic scalability limitation, the central server, which represents a bottleneck for large-scale applications. This server is also a single failure point that may disable the whole system. We propose a fully distributed architecture for workflow management systems. It is based on the idea that the case (an instance of the process) migrates from host to host, following a process plan, while the case activities are executed. This basic architecture is improved so that other requirements for Workflow Management Systems, besides scalability, are also contemplated. A CORBA-based implementation of such architecture is discussed, with its limitations, advantages and project decisions described. This work present the experiments performed using the WONDER architecture, analyzing its overhead and scalability under an increasing number of cases, and an increasing volume of data exchanged. This master thesis initially generated a post...
Roberto Silveira Silva Filho, Jacques Wainer, Edmu
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Roberto Silveira Silva Filho, Jacques Wainer, Edmundo R. M. Madeira, Clarence A. Ellis
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