Corpus Work With PC Beta

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Corpus Work With PC Beta
ct. PC Beta is a PC oriented tool for corpus work in this term's broadest possible sense. With PC Beta one can prepare texts for corpus work, e.g. standardize texts in different ways (very important when texts from different sources together will constitute a corpus), one can process texts, and one can analyze texts. Making ordinary concordances and similar things with PC Beta is, of course, very simple, and, in fact, PC Beta give,s "concordance making" a new dimension. One can perform morphological analyses, one can use PC Beta as a "tagger", i.e. provide the words with different kinds of tags. In all, PC Beta is a versatile program, and it is in many cases the only program needed (together with functions belonging to the MS/PC-DOS operative system) for pursuing a complete corpus project. The program's main distinctive feature is simplicity: it is rule controlled, and the rules adhere to a format that any linguist can learn to understand very quickly. But...
Benny Brodda
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Year 1990
Authors Benny Brodda
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