Countable connected-homogeneous graphs

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Countable connected-homogeneous graphs
Abstract. A graph is connected-homogeneous if any isomorphism between finite connected induced subgraphs extends to an automorphism of the graph. In this paper we classify the countably infinite connectedhomogeneous graphs. We prove that if Γ is connected countably infinite and connected-homogeneous then Γ is isomorphic to one of: Lachlan and Woodrow’s ultrahomogeneous graphs; the generic bipartite graph; the bipartite ‘complement of a complete matching’; the line graph of the complete bipartite graph Kℵ0,ℵ0 ; or one of the ‘treelike’ distancetransitive graphs Xκ1,κ2 where κ1, κ2 ∈ N∪{ℵ0}. It then follows that an arbitrary countably infinite connected-homogeneous graph is a disjoint union of a finite or countable number of disjoint copies of one of these graphs, or to the disjoint union of countably many copies of a finite connected-homogeneous graph. The latter were classified by Gardiner (1976). We also classify the countably infinite connected-homog...
Robert Gray, D. Macpherson
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Authors Robert Gray, D. Macpherson
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