Counting Claw-Free Cubic Graphs

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Counting Claw-Free Cubic Graphs
Let Hn be the number of claw-free cubic graphs on 2n labeled nodes. Combinatorial reductions are used to derive a second order, linear homogeneous differential equation with polynomial coefficients whose power series solution is the exponential generating function for {Hn}. This leads to a recurrence relation for Hn which shows {Hn} to be P-recursive and which enables the sequence to be computed efficiently. Thus the enumeration of labeled claw-free cubic graphs can be added to the handful of known counting problems for regular graphs with restrictions which have been proved P-recursive. Key words. labeled graph counting, claw-free graph, cubic graph, exponential generating function, P-recursive sequence AMS subject classifications. 05A15, 05C30 PII. S0895480194274777
Edgar M. Palmer, Ronald C. Read, Robert W. Robinso
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Edgar M. Palmer, Ronald C. Read, Robert W. Robinson
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