Course on System Design (structural approach)

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Course on System Design (structural approach)
—The article describes a course on system design (structural approach) which involves the following: issues of systems engineering; structural models; basic technological problems (structural system modeling, modular design, evaluation/comparison, revelation of bottlenecks, improvement/upgrade, multistage design, modeling of system evolution); solving methods (optimization, combinatorial optimization, multicriteria decision making); design frameworks; and applications. The course contains lectures and a set of special laboratory works. The laboratory works consist in designing and implementing a set of programs to solve multicriteria problems (ranking/selection, multiple choice problem, clustering, assignment). The programs above are used to solve some standard problems (e.g., hierarchical design of a student plan, design of a marketing strategy). Concurrently, each student can examine a unique applied problem from his/her applied domain(s) (e.g., telemetric system, GSM network, inte...
Mark Sh. Levin
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Year 2011
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