CoXML: A Cooperative XML Query Answering System

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CoXML: A Cooperative XML Query Answering System
Abstract. The heterogeneity nature of XML data creates the need for approximate query answering. In this paper, we present an XML system that cooperates with users to provide user-specific approximate query answering. The key features of the system include: 1) a query language that allows users to specify approximate conditions and relaxation controls; 2) a relaxation index structure, XTAH, that enables the system to provide user-desired relaxations as specified in the queries; and 3) a ranking model that incorporates both content and structure similarities in evaluating the relevancy of approximate answers. We evaluate our system with the INEX 05 test collections. The results reveal the expressiveness of the language, show XTAH’s capability in providing user-desired relaxation control and demonstrate the effectiveness of the ranking model.
Shaorong Liu, Wesley W. Chu
Added 09 Jun 2010
Updated 09 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WAIM
Authors Shaorong Liu, Wesley W. Chu
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