Crossing Families

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Crossing Families
Given a set of points in the plane, a crossing family is a collection of line segments, each joining two of the points, such that any two line segments intersect internally. Two sets A and B of points in the plane are mutually avoiding if no line subtended by a pair of points in A intersects the convex hull of B, and vice versa. We show that any set of n points in general position contains a pair of mutually avoiding subsets each of size at least n/12. As a consequence we show that such a set possesses a crossing family of size at least n/12, and describe a fast algorithm for finding such a family. AMS classification: 52C10; also 68Q20
Boris Aronov, Paul Erdös, Wayne Goddard, Dani
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Updated 27 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1991
Authors Boris Aronov, Paul Erdös, Wayne Goddard, Daniel J. Kleitman, Michael Klugerman, János Pach, Leonard J. Schulman
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