CSCW at play: 'there' as a collaborative virtual environment

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CSCW at play: 'there' as a collaborative virtual environment
Video games are of increasing importance, both as a cultural phenomenon and as an application of collaborative technology. In particular, many recent online games feature persistent collaborative virtual environments (CVEs), with complex social organisation and strong social bonds between players. This paper presents a study of `There', one such game, focusing on how There has been appropriated by its players. In particular we describe how its flexibility has allowed players to develop their own forms of play within the game. Three aspects of There are discussed: first, how the environment supports a range of social activities around objects. Second, how the chat environment is used to produce overlapping chat and how the game itself provides topics for conversation. Lastly, how the `place' of There is a fluid interaction space that supports safe interactions between strangers. The paper concludes by drawing design lessons concerning the importance of supporting shared onlin...
Barry Brown, Marek Bell
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Updated 17 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2004
Where CSCW
Authors Barry Brown, Marek Bell
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