Current Practices in E-Government-induced Business Process Change (BPC)

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Current Practices in E-Government-induced Business Process Change (BPC)
E-Gov projects have an increasing influence on how government business processes evolve and change. While early e-Gov projects focused on government-to-public information and interaction, the second and third wave of e-Gov projects also emphasize internal effectiveness and efficiency along with intra- and interdepartmental as well as intra- and inter-branch integration. With these increases in scope and scale of e-Gov projects, existing business processes including core processes become candidates for improvement and change. While the private-sector-oriented literature on business process change abounds with descriptive and prescriptive accounts, no equivalent has been found in the public-sector-related literature. Although many insights drawn from the private sector may apply, the public sector seems to develop distinct practices. This paper contributes to the understanding of current practices in e-Gov-induced business process change comparing those practices to prescriptions derive...
Hans Jochen Scholl
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Year 2004
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