Cut Elimination for Monomial MALL Proof Nets

9 years 1 months ago
Cut Elimination for Monomial MALL Proof Nets
We present a syntax for MALL (multiplicative additive linear logic without units) proof nets which refines Girard’s one. It is also based on the use of monomial weights for identifying additive components (slices). Our generalization gives the possibility of representing a kind of sharing of nodes which does not exist in Girard’s nets. This sharing leads to the definition of a strong cut elimination procedure for MALL. We give a correctness criterion which is proved to be stable by reduction and to give a sequentialization theorem with respect to the sequent calculus. Sequentialization is proved by showing that an expansion procedure allows us to unfold any of our proof nets into a Girard proof net.
Olivier Laurent, Roberto Maieli
Added 31 May 2010
Updated 31 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where LICS
Authors Olivier Laurent, Roberto Maieli
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