DAML+OIL: A Reason-able Web Ontology Language

11 years 9 months ago
DAML+OIL: A Reason-able Web Ontology Language
Ontologies are set to play a key role in the "Semantic Web", extending syntactic interoperability to semantic interoperability by providing a source of shared and precisely defined terms. DAML+OIL is an ontology language specifically designed for use on the Web; it exploits existing Web standards (XML and RDF), adding the familiar ontological primitives of object oriented and frame based systems, and the formal rigor of a very expressive description logic. The logical basis of the language means that reasoning services can be provided, both to support ontology design and to make DAML+OIL described Web resources more accessible to automated processes.
Ian Horrocks
Added 08 Dec 2009
Updated 08 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2002
Where EDBT
Authors Ian Horrocks
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