Dare to share: Protecting sensitive knowledge with data sanitization

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Dare to share: Protecting sensitive knowledge with data sanitization
chool of Business Research – FY 2007 Research Abstracts Dare to Share: Protecting Sensitive Knowledge with Data Sanitization Data sanitization is a process that is used to promote sharing of transactional databases among organizations while alleviating concerns of individual organizations by preserving confidentiality of their sensitive knowledge in the form of sensitive association rules. It hides the frequent itemsets corresponding to the sensitive association rules that contain sensitive knowledge by modifying the sensitive transactions that contain those itemsets. This process is guided by the need to minimize the impact on the data utility of the sanitized database by allowing mining as much as possible of the nonsensitive knowledge in the form non-sensitive association rules from the sanitized database. We propose three heuristic approaches for the sanitization problem. Sponsors: Oklahoma State University, State of Oklahoma PI/PD: Ali Amiri A Multi-Level Analysis of Organizatio...
Ali Amiri
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