Data Communication and Parallel Computing on Twisted Hypercubes

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Data Communication and Parallel Computing on Twisted Hypercubes
Massively parallel distributed-memory architectures are receiving increasing attention to meet the increasing demand on processing power. Many topologies have been proposed for interconnecting the processors of distributed computing systems. The hypercube topology has drawn considerable attention due to many of its attractive properties. The appealing properties of the hypercube topology such as vertex and edge symmetry, recursive structure, logarithmic diameter, maximally fault-tolerance, simple routing and broadcasting, and the ability to simulate other interconnection networks with minimum overhead have made it an excellent candidate for many parallel processing applications. Many variations of the hypercube topology have been reported in the literature, mainly to add to the computational power of the hypercube. One of the attractive versions of the hypercube that was introduced to enhance the performance is the twisted hypercube. A twisted hypercube has the same structural complexi...
Emad Abuelrub
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Year 2007
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