Data Management in the APPA System

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Data Management in the APPA System
Combining Grid and P2P technologies can be exploited to provide high-level data sharing in large-scale distributed environments. However, this combination must deal with two hard problems: the scale of the network and the dynamic behavior of the nodes. In this paper, we present our solution in APPA (Atlas Peer-to-Peer Architecture), a data management system with high-level services for building largescale distributed applications. We focus on data availability and data discovery which are two main requirements for implementing large-scale Grids. We have validated APPA's services through a combination of experimentation over Grid5000, which is a very large Grid experimental platform, and simulation using SimJava. The results show very good performance in terms of communication cost and response time.
Reza Akbarinia, Vidal Martins
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where GRID
Authors Reza Akbarinia, Vidal Martins
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