Data mining for hypertext: A tutorial survey

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Data mining for hypertext: A tutorial survey
With over 800 million pages covering most areas of human endeavor, the World-wide Web is a fertile ground for data mining research to make a di erence to the e ectiveness of information search. Today, Web surfers access the Web through two dominant interfaces: clicking on hyperlinks and searching via keyword queries. This process is often tentative and unsatisfactory. Better support is needed for expressing one's information need and dealing with a search result in more structured ways than available now. Data mining and machine learning have signi cant roles to play towards this end. In this paper we will survey recent advances in learning and mining problems related to hypertext in general and the Web in particular. We will review the continuum of supervised to semi-supervised to unsupervised learning problems, highlight the speci c challenges which distinguish data mining in the hypertext domain from data mining in the context of data warehouses, and summarize the key areas of...
Soumen Chakrabarti
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