A Data Model for Effectively Computable Functions

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A Data Model for Effectively Computable Functions
the research activities. This abstract is to introduce the approach of a data model - EP data model. Its data structure is able to store as a finite set of nodes arbitrary effectively computable functions. Its queries are arbitrary computable functions. Both the data structure and the queries of the EP data model are unified under an extended lambda caculus, which provides a uniform manner to access data (either finite or infinite). Expressiveness and Descriptiveness The less implementation details developers have to deal with, the faster and easier it will be in software development and maintenance. In other words, higherlevel descriptive languages are preferred to specify "what", but not "how". This is called layering in network computing, applicative or functional in ing languages, abstract in data types, and semantic in data models. While a language should be highly descriptive to be simple, however, it must be expressive to be useful in certain application area...
Kevin H. Xu
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Year 2000
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Authors Kevin H. Xu
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