Data Reduction in Intrusion Alert Correlation

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Data Reduction in Intrusion Alert Correlation
: Network intrusion detection sensors are usually built around low level models of network traffic. This means that their output is of a similarly low level and as a consequence, is difficult to analyze. Intrusion alert correlation is the task of automating some of this analysis by grouping related alerts together. Attack graphs provide an intuitive model for such analysis. Unfortunately alert flooding attacks can still cause a loss of service on sensors, and when performing attack graph correlation, there can be a large number of extraneous alerts included in the output graph. This obscures the fine structure of genuine attacks and makes them more difficult for human operators to discern. This paper explores modified correlation algorithms which attempt to minimize the impact of this attack.
Gianni Tedesco, Uwe Aickelin
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CORR
Authors Gianni Tedesco, Uwe Aickelin
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