Data Replication in Mariposa

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Data Replication in Mariposa
The Mariposa distributed data manager uses an economic model for managing the allocation of both storage objects and queries to servers. In this paper, we present extensions to the economic model which support replica management, as well as our mechanisms for propagating updates among replicas. We show how our replica control mechanism can be used to provide consistent, although potentially stale, views of data across many machines without expensive per-transaction synchronization. We present a rule-based con ict resolution mechanism, which can be used to enhance traditional time-stamp serialization. We discuss the eects of our replica system on query processing for both read-only and read-write queries. We further demonstrate how the replication model and mechanisms naturally support name service in Mariposa.
Jeff Sidell, Paul M. Aoki, Adam Sah, Carl Staelin,
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Where ICDE
Authors Jeff Sidell, Paul M. Aoki, Adam Sah, Carl Staelin, Michael Stonebraker, Andrew Yu
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