Data Stream Management for Historical XML Data

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Data Stream Management for Historical XML Data
We are presenting a framework for continuous querying of time-varying streamed XML data. A continuous stream in our framework consists of a finite XML document followed by a continuous stream of updates. The unit of update is an XML fragment, which can relate to other fragments through system-generated unique IDs. The reconstruction of temporal data from continuous updates at a current time is never materialized and historical queries operate directly on the fragmented streams. We are incorporating temporal constructs to XQuery with minimal changes to the existing language structure to support continuous querying of timevarying streams of XML data. Our extensions use time projections to capture time-sliding windows, version control for tuple-based windows, and coincidence queries to synchronize events between streams. These XQuery extensions are compiled away to standard XQuery code and the resulting queries operate continuously over the existing fragmented streams.
Sujoe Bose, Leonidas Fegaras
Added 08 Dec 2009
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Sujoe Bose, Leonidas Fegaras
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