Data on the Web: A W3C Perspective

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Data on the Web: A W3C Perspective
What is the "high level view" of data on the Web that can be traced down within W3C's rich roadmap of technologies? What the relationships between the "big needs" of data on the Web, and the forthcoming Web standards? A perspective is provided, in a nutshell. 1 Prologue The Web is full of data. And, it doesn't look too good. More and more data is coming everyday, and more and more people demand more data. The original design of the Web, although very successful, is proving its limitation, and showing big pitfalls in its capability to scale with respect to the users' needs. What are the "big needs" of data on the web? We can, at a very high level, identify five fundamental needs:
Massimo Marchiori
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Type Conference
Year 2001
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Authors Massimo Marchiori
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