Decidability of inferring inductive invariants

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Decidability of inferring inductive invariants
Induction is a successful approach for verification of hardware and software systems. A common practice is to model a system using logical formulas, and then use a decision procedure to verify that some logical formula is an inductive safety invariant for the system. A key ingredient in this approach is coming up with the inductive invariant, which is known as invariant inference. This is a major difficulty, and it is often left for humans or addressed by sound but te abstract interpretation. This paper is motivated by the problem of inductive invariants in shape analysis and in distributed protocols. This paper approaches the general problem of inferring firstorder inductive invariants by restricting the language L of candidate invariants. Notice that the problem of invariant inference in a restricted language L differs from the safety problem, since a system may be safe and still not have any inductive invariant in L that proves safety. Clearly, if L is finite (and if testing an...
Oded Padon, Neil Immerman, Sharon Shoham, Aleksand
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Year 2016
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Authors Oded Padon, Neil Immerman, Sharon Shoham, Aleksandr Karbyshev, Mooly Sagiv
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