Deduction with Supernormal Defaults

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Deduction with Supernormal Defaults
In this paper we consider supernormal defaults [Poo88] with a strict partial order defining their priorities [Bre91]. We investigate their relation to minimal or preferential entailment and show that the semantics given in [Bre91] has to be modified in order to be equivalent to a preferential model approach. Concering the multiple extension problem, we introduce the careful view as an alternative to the credulous and skeptical one, which is needed to handle the generalized closed world assumption [Min82] within this framework. Given this “declaritive semantics” of such default theories, we will present a deduction algorithm for query answering. Compared to other approaches, the algorithm is quite efficient and general. Especially, it is able to generate disjunctive answers, to support the credulous, skeptical and careful view; and to cut fruitless search paths early. In order to check the applicability of defaults as soon as possible, we introduce the notion of a partial extensi...
Stefan Brass
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Type Conference
Year 1991
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Authors Stefan Brass
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