Definition and Validation of Design Metrics for Distributed Applications

10 years 3 months ago
Definition and Validation of Design Metrics for Distributed Applications
As distributed technologies become more widely used, the need for assessing the quality of distributed applications correspondingly increases. Despite the rich body of research and practice in developing quality measures for centralised applications, there has been little emphasis on measures for distributed software. The need to understand the complex structure and behaviour of distributed applications suggests a shift in interest from traditional centralised measures to the distributed arena. This paper tackles the problem of evaluating quality attributes of distributed applications using software measures. Firstly, we present a measures suite to quantify internal attributes of design at an early development phase, embracing structural and behavioural aspects. The proposed measures are obtained from formal models derived from intuitive models of the problem domain. Secondly, since theoretical validation of software measures provides supporting evidence as to whether a measure really...
Pablo Rossi, George Fernandez
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Pablo Rossi, George Fernandez
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