Demand-Driven Clustering in MANETs

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Demand-Driven Clustering in MANETs
Abstract-- Many clustering protocols for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) have been proposed in the literature. With only one exception so far [1], all these protocols are proactive, thus wasting bandwidth when their function is not currently needed. To reduce the signalling traffic load, reactive clustering may be employed. We have developed a clustering protocol named "OnDemand Group Mobility-Based Clustering" (ODGMBC) which is reactive. Its goal is to build clusters as a basis for address autoconfiguration and hierarchical routing. The design process especially addresses the notion of group mobility in a MANET. As a result, ODGMBC maps varying physical node groups onto logical clusters. In this paper, ODGMBC is described. It was implemented for the ad hoc network simulator GloMoSim [2] and evaluated using several performance indicators. Simulation results are promising and show that ODGMBC leads to stable clusters. This stability is advantageous for autoconfiguration and ro...
Curt Cramer, Oliver Stanze, Kilian Weniger, Martin
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ICWN
Authors Curt Cramer, Oliver Stanze, Kilian Weniger, Martina Zitterbart
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