Demo: mobile database administrator-MDBA

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Demo: mobile database administrator-MDBA
Increasingly advances in mobile computing are allowing development of the applications for ubiquitous computing environment. Ubiquitous computing represents the concepts of computing everywhere, making computing and communication essentially transparent for users. This paper presents the MDBA (Mobile Data Base Administrator), a context-aware tool for remote data base administration that is executed in mobile devices. The MDBA enables database administrators (DBAs) to perform their tasks by automatically identifying databases and the wireless communication structure of a given ubiquitous computational environment. Therefore, the MDBA tool provides database administration services anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, the MDBA enables DBAs to manage databases residing in mobile hosts or fixed hosts. Keywords Ubiquitous Computing, Database Administration, Context-Aware
Fernando Siqueira, Angelo Brayner
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Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where MDM
Authors Fernando Siqueira, Angelo Brayner
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