Democracy Functions of Information Technology

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Democracy Functions of Information Technology
Information Technology, IT, may play an important part in any community as a supporting tool in the democratic process. The conditions for that to happen are primarily a genuine wish of the community members to take democratic action, having access to the technology and the skills to use it. The purpose of this paper is to establish the “Democratic Functions of IT” in what we call “The Swedish Democratic Model”. The model describes democracy, in its perfect state, as a political governing based on Citizen control, State governed by Law and Ability to Carry out Political Decisions. In order to achieve this purpose we first identify the concepts of democracy referring to literature on democracy applying to “The Swedish Democracy Model”. With these concepts in mind, we then identify the Concepts of democracy of information technology by referring to literature describing various aspects of IT. The inventory of concepts had to be extensive in order to avoid a bias of perspecti...
Gunnar Lidén, Anders Avdic
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Gunnar Lidén, Anders Avdic
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